All Porcelain Crown for Natural teeth

Today all ceramic or full porcelain crowns are considered the most beautiful crown that a tooth can get with zero to non corrosive properties unlike the other Crowns in the market like Porcelain Fused to Metal.

Porcelain or Zirconia are preferred materials of choice for healthy mouth and body.

$899 for such great materials made in USA with our 2 year warranty is unbeatable.

Cost of dental implants

The overall cost of dental teeth implants is based on several factors.

Dental implant therapy comprises of 3 or 4 individual steps.

1. Dental Implant placement (D6010)

2. Bone Graft (Only if required)

3. Abutment

4. Dental crown on the abutment.

The cost of each step is different depending on the specific situation, but is typically within a 20% range.
Implant Therapy can be divided into 4 steps:

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Step 1.

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Dental implant consultations are a critical part of the process of placing dental implants in any patient. Team of highly qualified doctors at Unlimited Smiles will evaluate the condition of the gums and jaw bone before recommending placement of the dental implant. In order to do this intraoral, panoramic Image and/or 3 Dimensional Cone Beam Image, will be taken. Unlimited Smiles Dental uses digital panoramic imaging and so all this can be done in one sitting in our offices.

What to expect in the visit.

  • 1.   Images
  • 2.  Doctor Exam
  • 3.  Molding for implant guide.

Step 3.

Placement of the Dental Implant
(Titanium artificial Root)

American Dental Association Code D6010

This involves placing a titanium dental implant into the bone under the gum. The implant is placed into the bone using a guide. This process is done using local anesthetic, and painless and takes about an hour. After this stage, a three-to-four-month waiting period is given for the bone to grow around the dental implant and tightly integrate with it. During this time, patients wear a temporary tooth for cosmetic reasons. The cost of placing the single tooth dental implant is typically between US $ 1800 to US $ 2500, depending on the specific site.

For a LIMITED TIME (thru December 31, 2013), offering a single Implant placement for only $ 899.00.

Step 2.

Bone Grafts or Sinus Lifts - If Required

If Unlimited Smiles doctors determine that the bone condition or depth is inadequate at the dental implant site before surgery or during surgery, a bone graft may be necessary for success of the dental implants. Sometimes in placing upper jaw dental implants it may be determined that the sinus cavity need to be lifted in order to create space for proper implant healing.

s These procedures if determined to be required would be performed in our offices.

This portion may not be required.

Step 4.

Placement of the Abutment and Crown Placement

Abutment: This step involves inserting in the abutment into the dental implant. The abutment is the piece which will ultimately anchor the visible tooth. Depending on whether the dental implant abutment is standard or customized, it can cost about US $ 450-600. Crown: Crown Placement is the part of the tooth that is visible to the eye. Shape differ from natural teeth but hard to tell the difference to an untrained eye. Depending on whether it is a front tooth or a molar it can vary between US $ 1399-US $ 1699 depending on the number of crowns being placed.

5 year guarantee on Surgical Placement of Implant.

It will start from the day qualified doctors from Unlimited Smiles have placed the implant.

To qualify for this guarantee.
  1. Home hygiene has to be as recommended by doctor.
  2. 3 month maintenance cleaning around the implant is required by Unlimited Smiles Facilities and doctors.
100% replacement if manufacturer defect or do to any reason implant fails.

No infections should be on the surrounding teeth where Unlimited Smiles placed the implant.

The overall cost of a single uncomplicated implant (all inclusive, placement, abutment + crown) is therefore between US $ 2600 - 2900.

This special price is lower than dental insurance companies coverages so insurance use is not wise since the price will change based on insurance contracted rates are higher. We reserve the write to bill your medical or dental insurance for x-rays and images.

Most patients now prefer to get teeth implants for its various advantages over something that moves around your mouth and is uncomfortable to smile or eat!

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